About Us

It all began with a cup of coffee.

Back in the Spring of 2006, four individuals met at the Daily Grind to discuss the idea of starting a Jewish community in West Cobb. There was nothing out this way and the nearest Synagogue was quite a schlep!!

After a few more meetings with more and more people each time… a Synagogue was born. The next question was what to name the Synagogue? One person suggested the name of Ner Tamid. The Eternal Light. Everyone looked around, smiled and nodded their head in agreement. Because this synagogue would be the “eternal light” for Judaism in West Cobb, since up to that point, there was no such organized presence.

Soon after, a Friday Night service was held. Soon after that, about 15 kids gathered together at a Dance Studio one Sunday to begin an education on the basics of Judaism.

Our first High Holidays were held in the Fall of 2006 led by a mix of Cantors, Lay leadership and a combination of Rabbis including Rabbi Liebschutz for one of the services.

Slowly but surely a Jewish Community, was coming together.

In April of 2007, we officially began membership with our Founding Members who contributed in several ways towards the development of Congregation Ner Tamid.

Sure, we had growing pains along the way… but as time passed we healed from our pains, continued to move forward, develop, and grow as a Community.

In the fall of 2008 our Religious School Classes moved to Mountain View Prep Academy, generously provided by Robert and Sue Huebsch. In that year we also added a Hebrew School Program. Most special in 2008 was the receipt of our Torah loaned from a Congregation based in Buffalo, New York.

In 2009 we began our relationship with Rabbi Thomas Liebschutz, and his wife Marilyn, as the official Rabbi of our community.

In 2010 we introduced our B’nai Mitzvah Program.

In 2012 we affiliated with the URJ followed in 2014 with the ISJL.

In 2013 we celebrated two adult B’nai Mitzvah classes as well as a successful service for our first Confirmation class. In addition we received our second Torah donated by Temple Israel of Columbus, GA.

Also in 2013 we moved out of our temporary home offered so generously by Christ Lutheran Church and in 2014 we have moved into our new home located in the shadows of Historic Kennesaw Mountain, an area where many Civil War Soldiers, including Jewish Soldiers on both sides, lost their lives.

And here we are today, standing strong with growing membership. Membership that reaches southward towards Vinings/Smyrna, climbs northward up I-75 and 575 to Canton, Woodstock and Cartersville. Travels Westward to Dallas and Douglasville.

A religious school using the Institute of Southern Jewish Learning Curriculum with close to 70 kids and a program covering Pre-K to Confirmation class.

A community providing spiritual presence, social gathering, community outreach, adult education and more… much, much more.

All of this thanks to our Founding Members who realized the importance and need for the beginning of a Jewish Community in West Cobb. All of this, thanks to four people that got together over a cup of coffee because they had a dream and desire to make a difference for themselves …and for generations to come.

We welcome YOU to connect with Congregation Ner Tamid and to join us in the building of a Jewish Community.