Lifelong Education

The primary goal of our lifelong learning program is to create a community in which our congregants will value Jewish education highly and engage in it regularly so that they may become committed, knowledgeable, participating, Reform Jews. They will be able to make informed Jewish choices and will live up to the highest ideals of our tradition.
We employ a variety of teaching methods designed to attract, engage, and challenge learners of all ages, interests, backgrounds, and abilities. We will continuously identify and address obstacles and barriers to learning so that no congregant will be inhibited from participating fully in our programs.

Valuing Jewish Learning
  • We will endeavor to create a community that is highly motivated to engage in Jewish learning.
  • Becoming bar/bat mitzvah will be seen as a milestone along the way rather than the end of the rich, meaningful journey of lifelong Jewish learning.
  • Congregants will pursue Jewish learning both for its own sake and because they see it as relevant to their daily lives.
  • Congregants of all ages will make their own Jewish learning a priority because they find it to be engaging, life-enhancing, and fun.
Becoming Committed, Knowledgeable, Participating, Reform Jews
  • By providing our congregants with a basic understanding of Jewish belief, history, literature, culture, and values, we will empower them to make informed decisions in the spirit of authentic Reform Judaism.
  • We expect graduates of our youth education programs to be able to articulate and apply core Jewish values, beliefs, and practices; to identify what Judaism says about issues of social importance.
 Obstacles to Learning
  • We will make every effort to insure that our programs are accessible to all of our congregants.
  • Learners from all different backgrounds and of all abilities will find our programming engaging and meaningful.
  • Active efforts will be made to bring congregants into our learning community
  • We will create a culture in which participants feel empowered to direct their own learning.

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