Our Leadership

There are several ways to get to know our community. Community gatherings provide an opportunity to meet new people. The best way to get connected is to simply show up! We invite you to come to gatherings with any of our social groups prior to joining, as they are a great way to get to know folks in a smaller group setting.
For general information, questions, or requests for our rabbi

Main Email: info@mynertamid.org


Congregation Ner Tamid
1349 Old Hwy 41, Suite 220
Marietta, GA 30060
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Congregation Ner Tamid Board
President, Michael Gutenstein: cntgute@mynertamid.org
Vice President, Robert Goldstein:  robert.goldstein@mynertamid.org
Director of Finance, Elizabeth Poguntke: elizabeth@mynertamid.org
Secretary, Julie Segal: juliecaryn429@mynertamid.org
Director of Education, Bob Huebsch: rhuebsch@mynertamid.org
Director at Large, Heather Pacin: heather@mynertamid.org
Director at Large, Johanna Kohler: johanna@mynertamid.org
Director of Communications, Wendy Meyer: wendy.meyer@mynertamid.org
Religious School Principal, Elaine Gutenstein: elaine.gutenstein@mynertamid.org
Religious School Vice-Principal, Rebecca Sussman: rebecca.sussman@mynertamid.org

Women’s Group
Julie Segal:  juliecaryn429@mynertamid.org

Johanna Kohler:  johanna@mynertamid.org
Youth Group
Matt Berenson:  amberenson@gmail.com  
Sue Huebsch: teachsue1@yahoo.com